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haha⁝⁞‐ so here is my entry into this thing゚✧

it is a little platformer called ⟪Diver⟫ that i put together over the course of three days⚊˭# it has four levels, a handful of different obstacles, an auto saving feature between levels and,〜yeah♡

it came to be basically as i was bashing random ideas together and realised i could make a swimming thing pretty easily ⟪also totally not an excuse to just make floating enemies without much collision code⚊i swear, honest⟫ so like i kinda said, this would be my first total gamey game⁛⁙ so i am pretty happy with it ⚞but also totally aware it has problems⚟ haha maybe peeps can look past them and find it charming؟؟

all work was done over three dayss⁛⁙ which was rougher than i had dreamt it would be ᳔ haha★⋆


left + right arrow key = move

up arrow key《hold or press》= swim

enjoy (*・▽-*)


diver.exe 15 MB


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This gave me a lot of nostalgia, which is a really good thing for this game! Good job! I think I got a good score!

AHH⚟ i am super sorry for the late reply⚊i didnt see it until just now ⚈﹏⚈ 

but wow only 8 deaths‼ thats awesome (^▽^)

Really fun and adictive game! Great work!

thanks so muches! ヾ(^∇^)

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This game is really fun! Great work. :O

܂ ܃waathank you so much▒░░ it being my first one i was superduper nervous⁙⁚⁛ ✩ thankies!

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It's pretty great for being your first. Starting off strong.  (-^o^-)b

Awesome game. Really got addict to this and couldn't stop myself before fishing finishing it.

⚞ahhthankssomuch⚟ i saw your comment over on the entry and forum page thank you so much (‐^▽^‐)